Using Puppet Books with Young Learners

One aspect of puppetry we really enjoy is using hand-puppet books with very young learners. The key thing about using these books is to treat the puppet as if it's…
monkey puzzle in india

Storytelling in the EFL/ESL Classroom

Here are some tips and suggestions to keep in mind while storytelling in the EFL classroom – my students love stories (well, most of them anyway).

Why use puppets with young learners?

Why Use Puppets in the EFL/ESOL Classroom for Young and Very Young Learners ntroduction: Puppets have long been a popular tool in early childhood education due to their ability to…

Please, Mr Crocodile: Adapting Games

'Please, Mr Crocodile' as a warmer, focus-changer or for revising vocabulary. We look at adapting playground games for young EFL learners.
rubber chicken

Rubber Chicken! A Fun Warmer

Instructions on how to play "Rubber Chicken', a fun warmer & ice-breaker for 3 to 83-year-olds! This energizer warms you up both physically & mentally.

YouTube Channel Up & Running!

Our YouTube channel for EFL/ESL teachers contains practical advice for teachers interested in adding elements of drama and puppets into their teaching.

Warmers: Tick and Tag

Warmers like tick and tag help develop motor skills, keep students healthy, and encourage teamwork. And they detach children from computers, televisions, smart phones ...!

Puppets & Simple Maths

Some ideas on how to use puppets when teaching simple maths. Puppets can help you teach maths in a more interesting and fun way.