We’ve made our own intro to Five Little Monkeys, using one of our favourite puppets – Charlie the Monkey, of course.  It’s gone down really well with all our young learner classes (and on teacher-training courses too!), so this is how it goes.

First of all, take the following series of photos to show on screen in class, or print them out in large format.  but with you and your puppet of course.) Then leave your puppet at home.
2. Tell the students your puppet (we’ll use Charlie in this case) has had an accident.
3. Show them a picture on the tablet.
4. Tell the class that Charlie bumped his head. When the students ask how he did it, show them the next photo. Ask what room he was in and what they think happened. They’ll say he was jumping on the bed.
5. Then ask them how you felt and what they thought you did and show them the photo. They’ll say you called the doctor.
6. The doctor came and said to Charlie “No more monkeys jumping on the bed”
7. Then tell them you know a song about “Monkeys jumping on the bed” and teach them the song. (or 10) Little monkeys jumping on the bed.
8. When Charlie ‘returns’ to class it’s the perfect opportunity (excuse) to sing the song again

If the children don’t already know the song, watch the video:

There are printable masks here, along with other printable posters etc:

Get a white coat and a stethoscope for the doctor and a mask and wig for Mama Monkey. As with ‘5 Little Ducks (see: Using Finger Puppets in the EFL Classroom), break up the song with some simple repetitive dialogue between verses, eg.

Monkey: ‘Ow, my head (or another body part)!

Mama: ‘My poor baby! Naughty monkeys!’

Doctor: ‘Come here, little monkey’ (puts bandage on)

Mama: ‘Now go back to sleep, monkeys!’ ‘Yes, Mama!’ etc.

This provides a great intro into Monkey Puzzle too.

Here’s a version of the book on Amazon.UK for the sake of disclosure, this won’t affect what you pay, but we done recieve a tiny commission if the book/puppet is bought. This goes towards to cost of the upkeep of the site

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