Time flies when you’re having fun!

We’ve just bought a DVD drive and have been going through piles of discs full of half-forgotten memories.  It was a real surprise when we found these old show clips from the early 2000s.  Can’t really believe it was that long ago, although in some ways it feels like a lifetime. 

It seems like only the other day that we were setting up the old puppet booth.  Schools always seemed to want shows in the sweltering heat of Seville in June, for some reason.  We’d be crammed into that tiny space, kneeling among puppets and rods and all sorts of props.  Someone would invariably lose a hand or a foot, and we’d have to pin or tape them back together while struggling to play the right track on a miniscule i-pod …

Having a more modern stage arrangement now – with a stand-up set and sound system – has certainly been a relief for our knees (and our relationship!).  But I do miss the almost magical feel of the little Punch & Judy-style booth with its own curtains.  I liked the way everything came out of such a tiny space.

Los espectáculos …

No videos of our English-teaching shows from those days have turned up yet (please let us know if you have any!).  I suppose it just wasn’t so common to film everything then, and not so easy to get permission either.  So these are all Spanish show clips from various projects, complete with rookie language mistakes and all!  But nobody seemed to mind, or even wonder why two English people were doing shows in Spanish for Spanish children. 

Anyway, we certainly had fun doing them, and we’ve enjoyed re-living the children’s reactions and hearing the laughter and screams!  So we thought we’d share these show clips here, and hope they’ll give you a laugh too.

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We’ll be adding more show footage and lots more teaching videos too.

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  1. Formidable! Le habéis dado nueva vida a la tradición de guiñoles del gran poeta Federico García Lorca, que estaría orgulloso (como lo estoy yo) de vuestro esfuerzo y tesón por acercar la magia del teatro y por promover la educación bilingüe y presencial entre los niños y niñas de la sociedad digital. Enhorabuena, Bat-i-burrillo.

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