Books for EFL young learners

This week, the BBC Culture part of its website had a poll on the Greatest Children’s Books Ever Introduction:For people who know us, children’s literature holds a special place for us. It provides enchanting stories that shape our imaginations and leave lasting impressions. It was an ambitious endeavor to determine the greatest children’s books of […]

48hr Puppet Film Project 2021!

Puppet film competition 2021

We’ve entered for the 48hr Puppet Film Project 2021, a competition run by the LA Guild of Puppetry. Hope you like our film – wish us luck!

Puppet Video Lessons

This series of videos will fit in well with the requirements of public exams for younger learners. The language points covered will be at levels pre-A1, A1 and A2.

Why use puppets with young learners?

Why Use Puppets in the EFL/ESOL Classroom for Young and Very Young Learners ntroduction: Puppets have long been a popular tool in early childhood education due to their ability to engage and captivate young learners. In the field of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) or English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), puppets serve […]