48hr Puppet Film Project 2021

Puppet film competition 2021
Details of the film

We’ve entered for the 48hr Puppet Film Project 2021, a competition run by the LA Guild of Puppetry.  As the 48 hours started at 3am while we were still fast asleep, it was more like a 36-hour project for us.  And ‘gratitude, wood, laughing’ seemed such a strange combination!  We couldn’t even think of a story until 11pm on Saturday, so that meant we were already down to 24 hours …

After trying out lots of ideas, we came back to the one we originally came up with (typical!).  It was really hard keeping to the four-minute time-limit – much harder than we’d expected.  We had to cut lots of scenes, but we managed it in the end, and used every last second.

So are there things we’d change if we could?   Well, yes – a few.  Patrick’s voice keeps slipping into a rather more feminine mode, especially when he laughs!  (I had to be Patrick, of course – John never misses the chance to perform as his alter-ego, Marge …)  Plus we forgot to add the doorbell sounds as the gifts kept arriving.  And we’d have liked to finish with some out-takes, if we’d had time.  But nothing major, considering!

It was a lot of fun making it, anyway – hope you like it!

The entries will all be screened and judged on April 24th/25th.  So wish us luck!

Here are the rules.  The film must:

  • be created between 6pm PT / 9pm ET on April 9th and 6pm PT / 9pm ET on April 11th
  • include the chosen theme, action, and object that were pulled randomly and announced on April 9th at 6pm PT (and noted above).
  • be 4 minutes or under.
  • feature live-performance puppetry. 
  • be uploaded to allow anybody with the submitted link to watch and download the film, with the link submitted before 6pm PT / 9pm ET on April 11th.

Marge also appears as a teacher in the puppet classroom!

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