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Puppet Theatre

Bat-i-Burrillo puppet theatre performance, Alameda de Hercules, Seville

About Bat-i-Burrillo

Bat-i-Burrillo is a puppet-theatre company based in Seville, in the south of Spain.  It’s run by two puppeteers and English teachers: Chris Gesthuysen and John Harrop.  Batiburrillo means hodge-podge; a lively (if chaotic!) mixture … the perfect name for a form of theatre that combines puppets and people, English and Spanish!

We’ve been performing in English, Spanish and ‘Spanglish’ for over 20 years in Spain.  Over the years we’ve done street and park shows, parties and festivals.  We’ve performed at local events, including a season of children’s puppet shows for the Seville library network.  We toured schools and community theatres in the province with a Spanish Heart Foundation show about the dangers of smoking.  Our most recent public production was a show to mark the 400th anniversary of the deaths of Shakespeare and Cervantes.

But our main area of focus is using puppets and drama techniques in educational theatre, as a means of making learning English fun.  Between us, we have over 60 years of EFL teaching experience, with students of all levels and ages.  As language teachers, we know what works.  And, as performers, we know how much fun you can have when combining the two elements. 

John Harrop as Shakespeare with Shakespeare puppet
Bat-i-Burrillo actors with puppets; close-up of four faces
Cervantes and Shakespeare puppets
Chris Gesthuysen in conversation with puppet Cervantes

What we do

We offer interactive puppet-shows, storytelling and educational theatre in nursery, infant, primary, secondary and language schools.  You can also book us for public events, and we’re currently working on making some of our shows suitable for online performance.   We also hold a variety of theatre-based workshops and courses for both students and teachers.  Teachers go away with ideas and materials ready to use in the classroom. 

Shows for children

We have a variety of highly interactive puppet-shows for students aged three and over.  Our shows follow the British tradition of audience participation (‘Behind you …!’), and involve the children all the way.   Most performances include materials for teachers to use either as preparation or consolidation.  We have full-scale puppet-booth shows, and also shows-in-a-suitcase for smaller audiences.  Some are suitable for online performance.

Shows for teenagers and adults

For older learners we have a range of engaging and participative shows on various topics.  Performed in the manner of intensive interactive listening exercises with intriguing visual clues, these shows are a ‘batiburrillo’ of stories, mentalist ‘magic’, and anecdotes to activate your mind.  They’re for native speakers and for students with a minimum English level of B1.  We grade the language we use in the performances, according to the audience.

Teacher-training workshops & courses

All of our courses and workshops are hands-on, practical and fun, with the emphasis firmly on participation.  They mainly focus on incorporating elements of drama into classroom, and include the fabrication and use of puppets and masks.  We also work on character creation and roleplay, adapting stories and writing simple scripts, and turning the classroom into a theatre.  Other workshops focus on team-building and encouraging creativity.

Online courses and workshops

We’ll soon have online courses and workshops available for teachers who want to use puppets in the classroom.  Details to follow shortly!

Check out the Bat-i-Burrillo YouTube channel too.

show-in-a-suitcase: puppet legs
Finger-puppets of John Harrop and Chris Gesthuysen
puppet stars of shows for children
show-in-a-suitcase: puppet hand

So why should Bat-i-Burrillo Puppet Theatre come to your school or college?

Not only is it an incredible opportunity to enjoy live theatre in your school or college, but it’s also a way for your students to see how English is used in real life, in a really fun way.

Just some of the places we’ve performed:    
Teatro Municipal, Almagro
CEIP Los Rosales, Mairena del Aljarafe
Colegio Protectorado de la Infancia, Sevilla
Colegio Juan Nepomuceno Rojas, Sevilla
Colegio Las Calasancias, Sevilla
CEIP María Zambrano, Sevilla
Academia Willow, El Saucejo
Colegio Arboleda, Sevilla
CEIP Menéndez Pidal, Conil de la Frontera
IES San Antonio, Bollullos del Condado
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
CEIP Ntra. Sra. de Los Dolores de Pozo Alcón
English Wink, Academia de Inglés, Valencia
Kamalavathi School, Tuticorin, India
KRM Public School, Chennai, India
Globe School of English, Córdoba
Escuela Oficial de Idiomas, Alcalá de Guadaira
Feria del Libro de Valencia
CEIP San Jacinto, Sevilla
CEIP Alfares, Sevilla
Aula de Experiencia, Universidad de Sevilla
CEIP Blanca de los Ríos, S. José de la Rinconada
International House, Córdoba
Academia Británica Sierra, IH Córdoba
TESOL Conference Sevilla
Colegio San Vicente de Paul, Cádiz
CEIP Blas Infante, Jerez
CEIP Inspectora Elena Canal, Sevilla
Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Sevilla
CEIP Giner de los Rios, La Algaba, Sevilla
Cafe del Casino, Sevilla
ETS de Ingeniería Informatica, Univ. de Sevilla
CEIP Ana Maria Matitute, Montequinto, Sevilla
CEIP Isbilya, Sevilla
Madison Escuela de Idiomas, Sevilla
CLIC, International House, Sevilla
Logik 21 Academia de Inglés, Sevilla
Colegio La Raza, Sevilla
Colegio San Jose, Jerez
Jornada del Tabaquismo, Hospital de Valme, Sevilla
Colegio Beaterio de la Santísima Trinidad, Sevilla
Colegio La Salle, Córdoba
Colegio La Salle, Jerez de la Frontera
CEIP Arquitecto Rafael Leoz, Puerto Real
Colegio Claret, Sevilla
Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, Sevilla
Active Language, Cádiz
ITPS, European Commission, Sevilla
Jornada del Dia Saludable, Lebrija
Dia Mundial del Corazon, Alcalá de Guadaíra
Centro Civico Cerro del Aguila, Sevilla
Colegio Internacional Alminar, Dos Hermanas
ELI, Triana, Sevilla
ELI, Gines, Sevilla
ELI, Nervión, Sevilla
ELI, Sevilla Este
Casa del Libro, Sevilla
La Fiesta del Corazon, Parque el Alamillo, Sevilla
CEIP Ntra. Sra. de los Remedios, Estepa
Colegio Buen Pastor, Sevilla
Colegio Jesus Nazareno, Córdoba
Colegio San Miguel Adoratrices, Sevilla