Using your puppet to teach young learners to count in English

Tell the students the story of what happened one day with Tommy’s (your puppet's) socks. First of all, put up a piece of string across the board to represent the washing line. I take out socks from Tommy's rucksack, but take them of out whatever box/bag your puppet lives in and put them on the line, counting them. Encourage your students to count along with you. Tell them about how it it was really windy – students make the noise of the wind and one of the socks fall off. Ask students how many socks are left. Then teach them the song (to the tune of 10 green bottles)                                                                       

Ten white socks, hanging on the line                                                                                                Ten white socks, hanging on the line                                                                                                The cold wind blew (kids all blow) and one of them fell off                                                          Then there were 9 white socks, hanging on the line.                                                                         

At the end of the song say “And they all got dirty, so I had to wash them again …” and repeat the song. Instead of 'white socks' you can use 'black socks, small socks, smelly socks' etc.