Multiply numbers between 6 - 9 on your fingers / Truco de las tablas de multiplicar del 6, 7, 8, y 9

There are lots of ways to do multiplication of numbers 6-9 on your fingers, though I think that this is by far the easiest. This is mainly for teachers who have been on my Dramatising Storytelling workshop (the part when I talk about the history of numbers and then finish by showing the class how to do multiplication on your fingers – some of you have written to me saying you couldn’t remember how to do it, so this is for you). Generally, primary students don’t have so many problems with the multiplication of numbers between 2 and 5 and can easily see patterns in the numbers, but from 6-9 it’s a lot more complicated. This is one of those activities that students go home and show their parents – there’s something quite magical about it. Have fun!