Different puppet personalities for the English language classroom

Not all of your puppets need to speak, here are some other options.

The ‘quiet’ puppet
The puppet sits and watches what goes on, it’s more of an observer. I use these puppets when doing story telling. e.g. When telling Monkey Puzzle, I tell the class that this story is Charlie’s favourite - the puppet’s job is just to turn the pages in the book. Plus Charlie's (and Manu's mouth is very small and difficult to use)

The ‘whispering puppet’
This is the one I use the most…the puppet doesn’t talk, but whispers in your ear and you tell the class what the puppet’s saying. The great thing about this is that it gives you some time to think so that you can phrase what you want to say.

The ‘chatty puppet’
In this one the puppet actually talks, technically more difficult that the whispering puppet, but there is much more scope for the activities. You can do role-play, question and answer, modelling phrases/functions. As I mentioned in the previous post remember to keep the puppet’s voice similar to your own to avoid straining your voice and use a puppet that has a mouth that's easy to use.

The ‘squeaking puppet’
I have some small 'squeakers' (you can find them on Ebay and Amazon- you can buy a bag of 10 for 2€) that I use for the monkeys (and some other puppets) and instead of whispering they squeak - the more excited/happy they are the more that they squeak. Again, similar to the whispering puppet, I'm the only person who can understand what Charlie the monkey is saying.

Here is a link to Amazon - pleanty of squeakers here for your puppets!